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This website is explaining about Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd.
as of September 30, 2014 for your reference,
in particular, our global project experiences,
until new website of Oriental Consultants Global
Co., Ltd. has been established.

IR Information/Group Companies
Each of the ACK Group companies possesses highly specialized technical expertise to provide the highest level of service.
ACK Group is the holding company and Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd. is its flagship member
Geological and soil surveys, environment, environmental cleanup, structural surveys, well drilling, geological surveys, demolition work, hot spring work, etc.
Surveys, planning, design, maintenance, and operational management of waterworks and sewerage, solid waste, the environment, and information management for these fields
- Earthquake and data management systems for waterworks and sewerage
- Simulation of urban sewerage flooding
Location survey and measurement, construction consulting, compensation consulting, geological surveys, surveys, design and administration regarding construction, observation, and analysis of traffic data, sale and lease of equipment
- Airborne laser systems
- GPS/IMU systems
Research & Solutionhttp://www.rands-co.com/ Provides IT services and back office solutions
Providing a wide variety of solution services, including contract development of software for construction and measurement control, asset management and other purposes, sales of software packages, assistance in IT systems and network construction, support for back office operations, human resource management and staffing and recruiting services
- SOCOCA: a cloud-based online storage service
- Harrison Assessments